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Please Note:

2000 Television receives many applications and we endevour to respond to each entry we receive. However we regret that this is not always possible.

  • The majority of our work is providing Lighting Camera & Sound Recordist Crews to our customers.
  • If you are applying to offer your services for Camera Operator positions, due to the technical requirements we may or may not recieve from our customers we can only employ lighting camera operators (responsible for lighting design).
  • If you are applying to offer your services from a company or as a Lighting Cameraperson providing camera equipment, we can only employ owner/operators or companies which meet our standards of an equipment package (camera,tripod,monitor,lights etc). A full spec on what 2000 Television requires owner operators or companies to provide within a camera kit can be issued upon request.
  • We only employ Sound Recordist’s who provide service with sound equipment. We also have a minimum standard of an equipment package (mixer, 2 radios, boom, headphones), of which our customers would expect as part of a shooting package.
  • All subcontractors, self employed, partnerships, limited companies or other forms of employment catagories must only work for 2000 Television if covered by there own public & personally liability. And hold their own insurance for equipment supplied and vehicle used.

If you are interested in joining our crew, then please upload your CV below, and we will get back to you as quickly as we can.

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At 2000 Television we like happy customers. That's why we ensure that our service is second to none. This is why we continue to work with some of the top broadcasters in the industry.

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Crew Enquiry

We have crew all over the UK. Click here to get a bespoke quote.

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