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h1>Sound Recordist Hertfordshire

Are you filming a production and have everything but a Sound Recordist in Hertfordshire?

Many production companies and broadcast stations rely upon our services to provide them with their crewing needs. An essential part of the crew is the Sound Recordist. That’s why here at 2000 television we are here to deliver the best Sound Recordist on hand, in England, Scotland, Wales & Ireland. If you need a sound Recordist in Hertfordshire, 2000 television is the place to come. With our 24 / 7 operation our staff offer a fast and reliable service to customers requirements.

A vital part of any film, video or TV production is the sound and its quality. Here at 2000 television we have worked with many broadcasters and production companies for 14 years, providing the best possible service and this is proven through our proud portfolio of clients. Our experienced Sound Recordists can deliver a professional outcome so will you be satisfied with the service. We can provide with the latest technology in sound recording equipment. Our Sound Recordist in Hertfordshire comes equipped with mixer, 2 radio Mics, Boom as standard. You may have your own requirements, please let us know: Soundman , Soundmen , Sound Recordists, extra sound equipment ?

Whether you just need a Sound Recordist to work with your own camera operator or a full features camera crew, we can provide everything here at 2000 Television. We supply local crew across the land to keep your costs low!

To enquiry about costings for a Sound Recordist in Hertfordshire for your project, Please make an enquiry today!

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